With love, the Sant Elia Team x

With love, the Sant Elia Team x

At Sant Elia we pride ourselves on the expertise and talents of our bridal artisans but who are they?

We welcome you to step behind the curtain and into the atelier to meet our Sant Elia team.

Sant Elia Staff Highlight Blog Post

Founder and Creative Director - Stephanie

Industry Experience: Over fifteen years and established Sant Elia in 2014

Favourite aspect/s of working with bridal: Working creatively with amazing fabrications and seeing bride's transform from their everyday selves to their best selves on their wedding day.

Most treasured Sant Elia creation: There are numerous moments but a stand out piece is the 'Allegra' Gown created in 2016, as it was the launching point for so many beautiful couture pieces. And of course Stephanie's own wedding dresses, they are the pinnacle of what she loves about the bridal industry and truely embody what Sant Elia represents. Discover the inspiration behind Stephanie's wedding looks here.

Special talents: Sketching couture looks, designing embellished fabrics and; taking multiple elements from a client's bridal vision, illustrating it in a single sketch and making that imagined gown a reality. 

 Sant Elia Staff Highlight Blog Post

Brands and Operations Manager - Alanah

Industry Experience: Over five years of brand and client management with over ten years in client relations and almost eighteen months with Sant Elia, however Alanah has been following the company's journey from the very beginning.

Day-to-day: Assisting Stephanie throughout our client's fittings and managing the inner workings of the Sant Elia business from client appointments to fabric orders to developing our intimates and accessories brands.

Favourite aspects of working with bridal: Assisting bride's through their bridal journey, as it can be an overwhelming time. Witnessing their custom creations evolve from sketch to physical garment and seeing our bride's excitement build to their special day knowing they will be wearing a gown that embodies their individual personality, style and beauty.

Most treasured Sant Elia creation: There are so many but Alanah's top bridal looks are - Kayla, Stacey, Stephanie H and Nicole S (ceremony & reception)

Special talents: Ensuring our clients feel relaxed and welcomed from the moment they step into the atelier. Whilst Alanah is a creative person, she also has a highly organised and overly prepared mindset.

 Sant Elia Staff Highlight Blog Post

Workroom Co-Ordinator - Jamila

Industry Experience: Over seven years working with bridal and all of this has been as part of the Sant Elia team.

Day-to-day: Preparing the workroom schedule to ensure next stages are completed prior to client fittings, cutting fabrics and lace to each client's personal pattern and most importantly hand sewing applique for each client's bridal look. 

Favourite aspects of working with bridal: Working within a creative industry and the attention to detail required for hand applique work.

Most treasured Sant Elia creation: Olivia D and of course our own Stephanie's reception gown.

Special talents: Ability to sew individual beads or 3D florals with such precision you would think a machine had sewn it in place.

Sant Elia Staff Highlight Blog Post

Master Dressmaker - Nassir

Industry Experience: Over thirty years experience with just over two year with Sant Elia.

Day-to-Day: Machine sewing bridal garments, cutting fabrics and hand draping fabrications as desired for client bridal look.

Favourite aspect of working with bridal: Creating something that brings joy to our clients on their special day.

Most treasured Sant Elia creation: Melanie G 

Special talents: Assisting to resolve fit or construction issues and problem solving. Nassir says if there's a problem he knows there is always a solution. 

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Pattern Maker - Jo

Industry Experience: over twenty years bridal experience with almost seven years with Sant Elia.

Day-to-Day: Creating individual and unique patterns for each client's unique measurements and bridal design. 

Favourite aspect of working with bridal: The process of being involved in a design from concept to finished garment.

Most treasured Sant Elia creation: The entire 'Artemis' Collection 

Special talents: Knowing how garments best fit on a body and ability to pattern make flat for draping fabrications.

Sant Elia Staff Highlight Blog Post

Photography by Anemotion Weddings

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