We are so excited to introduce our next muse Yasmine, whose natural and undiscerning beauty inspired us to create a bespoke couture gown that fused delicate tulle with iridescent lace and hand appliquéd freshwater pearls. 

Together with her Mother Mine, Yasmine sits down with our Creative Director, Stephanie, to discuss how this family affair became one of our Studio’s most sentimental couture journey to date. 

STEPHANIE: Yasmine, Mum, thank you so much for joining me today. We felt so inspired by you both and your gown and we are so excited to share your journey with our community. To start Yasmine would you mind telling us what inspired you most to have a couture gown created for your wedding day?

YASMINE: My sister, Dion, introduced me to the SANT ELIA studio on Instagram and every gown she showed me was so unique and specific to the bride that was wearing it. I knew I wouldn’t want to buy something that was off the rack as I came to the conclusion that everyone’s body type is a little different and I just wanted something that accentuated my natural shape and allowed my personality to shine through on the day.

As you know, mum and I genuinely have our own style and don’t really follow fashion trends, so it felt natural to consider a couture gown for my wedding and at my first consultation you were so reassuring and understood exactly who I was - Mum and I knew it was the best decision to have my gown created at SANT ELIA.

STEPHANIE: That’s so funny that you say that because I distinctly remember you guys had this little secret glance at the design consultation with each other and I knew from then you were ready to go ahead 

STEPHANIE: With that, what was your favourite part of the couture journey with SANT ELIA?

YASMINE: My favourite part of the journey was definitely selecting the fabrics and laces that we used to create my gown, especially because it was not as difficult a decision as I had originally thought. 

I feel like I found out who I really am as a person during my fabric selection appointment if that makes sense? I went into the appointment with this idea of what I would wear on the wedding day but I ended up walking out with something so different and it really showed me that I was changing as a person and this part of the journey brought that out in me.  

STEPHANIE: I would love to provide some more context for our community on this point. You originally came to me, and we sketched a couture design. It was exactly the same silhouette as what you ended up with on the day, but you initially wanted a fabrication that was romantic and quite dainty with little 3D flowers featured throughout.

What you ended up with was a sparkly, beaded fabrication with 3D pearl applique that we were able to use in such a way that perfectly contoured your body and highlighted your shape. Knowing that you and your husband would perform a dance on the night, I really wanted something that was iridescent and would bring out your natural sparkle.

And it was such a pleasure to have Mum at that appointment with you as she was the one who originally picked the fabric first and after going through each curated option we went back to that one and agreed it was an amazing choice for you and it was such a nice moment for us all to share. 



STEPHANIE: What are the three most important elements a bride should consider when designing their couture gown?

YASMINE: Well for me I knew I had to be comfortable on the day as we were doing a dance performance so I would suggest that to any future bride, knowing what you are in for on the day and making sure you are comfortable makes a world of difference.

Also, select or design something that represents who you are because at the end of the day your designer needs to create something that fits your personality and shows who you are.

Finally, I would say just embrace the whole journey because it is something you will definitely reflect on. I remember each and every appointment and fitting I had and the feelings that I felt on that day.


STEPHANIE: I think it's such a beautiful thing when a client has synergy with their designer. And for us, it was so easy to form that connection. You trusted me and allowed me to bring things to the table that you may not have originally conceptualized for yourself.

By you having that trust in me just meant we were able to create something magical together. And that's what I always say to the brides; You must have synergy with your designer and trust the process. 

STEPHANIE: I would love to know more about how you felt on the actual day, what did your gown and fabrics feel like?

YASMINE: When I tried on my gown at that final fitting, I felt as though, this was me and I was ready to wear it for the whole day – I just didn’t want to take the dress off!

I remember during the portraits session, when the photographer saw the low back detail he just said “Oh my god – it is even more incredible from the back, what a cute little secret”.

I really loved that each layer of fabric, from the tulle to the lace and 3D flowers they each had a uniqueness and it was such a dream come true.

STEPHANIE: That is so beautiful, I would love to know, what was your husband's reaction to seeing you for the first time?

YASMINE: Oh he had a tear in his eye as I walked down the aisle it was so cute

MUM: Naim (Yasmine’s husband) goes quiet when he gets emotional and I was standing up at the front of the aisle with him and it was incredible to share that moment with him

STEPHANIE: That’s right as you were the celebrant Mum, how did you even stay composed at that time seeing your daughter walk down the aisle? 

MUM: I was just in shock and in awe of how beautiful my daughter was it was just so special I couldn’t believe it 



STEPHANIE: Oh that is so sweet, our next question is for you Mum, what did it mean for you to be involved in the process of creating Yasmine’s couture gown?

MUM: I mean for me, and for any mother out there, it is our dream to see our daughters marry and every minute of the journey was so beautiful. I had this vision of what she would look like and I felt as though you understood that from the first time we met you and you and Yasmine shared the connection that we needed to create her gown and it was like we became family.

STEPHANIE: Yes it was really beautiful. I think at the final fitting, it was emotional for everyone and Yasmine we had your dad there but, Mum what was it like to see your daughter ready to be married?



MUM: I cannot describe the feeling I had during the final fitting. I finally felt as though I was able to give my daughter everything she had dreamed of for her day. I was able to deliver on the promises I made to her and my family and it felt like I was finally able to turn the page to start our new chapter as a family.

STEPHANIE: What I loved most when, Yasmine, you were trying to decide on your hair and you were considering a more polished look and your dad just said no, you need to look like yourself, in all your natural and wild beauty. And in that moment it just showed me how your parents were behind you through every step supporting you along the way whilst not losing sight of you as a woman in the journey to becoming a bride.

YASMINE: Yea definitely and I didn’t want to loose that sight of me on the day maybe just with a bit of polish

STEPHANIE: And that’s where the passion of SANT ELIA lies. It’s about embracing who you are as a bride and a woman and celebrating that. We think you are so special just as you are and there is no need to conform to what a bride is supposed to look like, and I love that most of our brides embrace this.

I love being able to work with brides who are self aware and it helps me design just for them, I could never get bored of inspiration like that because each bride is so unique and I find that incredibly motivating. And for me, with you Yasmine and Mum, it was extra special because it was a beautiful family affair. Thank you so much for joining us today and it’s not goodbye it’s just see you soon

YASMINE & MUM: Thank you Steph! 

We thank our bride Yasmine and her mum Mine for joining the SANT ELIA Muse Series. We find ourselves inspired by their natural beauty and unique style and could not be more proud to have created Yasmine’s custom couture bridal gown. 

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