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The new rise of the Opera Glove

Sant Elia and our Creative Director Stephanie Caltabiano have been featured in The Sydney Morning Herald's recent article "The trend you're about to see everywhere: the opera glove" (by Damien Woolnough) and was asked about this dramatic accessory's new claimed fame into every day life.

"Sant Elia designer Stephanie Caltabiano ...says that gloves are crossing over from adding drama to wedding days to every day."

“'The influence of bridal wear on the way we all dress is often underestimated,' Caltabiano says. 'Long gloves are popular with brides because of the drama. Sheer lace versions offer the theatre and excitement that has been missing from fashion when we were all staying home because of lockdowns.'"


With Sant Elia's new couture collection launch just days away, Stephanie notes her desire to pair gloves with formal wear '...as a nod to couturiers such as Christian Dior who would show their work with long gloves.'

 You can read the full article here

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