The Making of Artemis - Sant Elia Couture 2020

The Making of Artemis - Sant Elia Couture 2020

Bringing life to a creative vision is much like a relationship. It is based on integrity, honesty and underpinned by values. The story of Artemis, our Sant Elia Couture Collection for 2020, begins much the same. 

From what sparked as an idea to showcase the curvature of the female form, evolved into a collection that celebrates modern femininity and empowers women through self-expression. The collection is so unique and strong that we could not help but share this exclusive between the seams look at how Artemis came to be. 



In traditional Sant Elia fashion, the collection, as every dress in our Atelier, started with a sketch. Our Creative Director, Stephanie, put pencil to paper and pinned inspiration from over the ages. This process forms the basis of any couture collection, as to assure the vision is not lost throughout the creative journey, rather cultivated and evolved along the way. 



For this particular collection, the sampling process was one which not only tested our teams technical skills but showcased the true artisanal nature of bridal couture. With each hand sewn seam, we learnt the value of integrating craftsmanship with modern aesthetic to push the boundaries of traditional design. 



With our fit model, we were able to take the vision of Artemis from the second to third dimension and in line with the vision of celebrating the female form, a few team members took the liberty of taking the samples for their first whirl around the studio. 



The curation of five looks meant that we were able to connect with our vision of Artemis on an intimate level, creating pieces that were equally distinctive as they were elegant and timeless. 



The Artemis shoot was produced with the intent to present a unique and fresh look for Sant Elia, one which is focused on the cultivation of couture as an artform and not just bridal fashion. For all that she is in grace and goddess, Artemis was our greatest pleasure to present to brides. 

The Artemis collection is available for brides to try by appointment at the Sant Elia Atelier in Petersham. To enquire or book your consultation, click here.

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