Dreamscapes for Sant Elia Couture Bride Sally & Rohil

Dreamscapes for Sant Elia Couture Bride Sally & Rohil

We met Sally back in 2019 and quickly fell in love with her far from traditional vision for a couture wedding reception look. Adorned with an exclusive custom lace, designed in our Sydney studio and produced by artisans in Italy, Sally’s gown seamlessly fused feather and beaded elements to create a visually stunning and jaw dropping look. Needless to say, this couture design is one of our favourites to date. 

To help carry on these dreamy vibes, Sally enlisted Sheree of She Designs and her team to style the event and the result? Nothing short of magic. 

We sat down with Sheree to discuss Sally’s special day, the elements that interplay with an events design and some handy tips for brides at the styling stage of their wedding journey. 


Stephanie: What inspired She Design’s vision for Sally and Rohil’s reception design? 

Sheree: Honestly, Sally inspired the whole design. I remember when I first met her and she came to me with the most beautiful mood board and inspiration. This exceptional woman has great style and taste with everything. Sally's imagination was beautiful, elaborate and travelled to all ends of the earth. I just completely jumped at the idea of designing her wedding because I absolutely adore creating weddings that bring in so much of the couples' culture. 

I honestly could not have asked for a more beautiful bride. She let me have full creative passion to design what she had been dreaming of in her heart. And of course, Sally's wedding gown played a significant part in the creation of the mood board and floral tones. Our vision was to bring in touches of colour while still creating a very muted and luxe atmosphere. We wanted to create an enchanted world for the beautiful Sally & Rohill to be immersed in the night of their wedding. So using design, we created a lush, whimsical garden for our two lovers.

Stephanie: What are some of the elements you loved about Sally’s Sant Elia Custom Couture gown? 

Sheree: Sally's custom couture gown was truly so unique and impeccably designed to encapsulate her personality and vision. It was just mesmerising... All of intricate details, from the sequence and feathers to the stunning long train, delicately handcrafted in Italy. I still remember the moment when she changed into her custom couture look and we were walking into the garden at Milton Park. You could tell that she just looked and felt beautiful. 

It was truly such a special moment watching her walk amongst the lush garden, while her equiste train was glistening in the sunlight. You could just tell that this dress was made just for her as you watched the way it moved with her body. A woman truly wants to feel the most beautiful and elegant on her wedding day and this is definitely something you did for her.  


Stephanie: How considered is the bride’s look when it comes to designing her event? 

Sheree: Let's be honest, it is all about the dress. They are intrinsically linked and inseparable. The dress truly tells you so much about design and our beautiful bride. The gown is a leading part in getting to know our bride and dreaming up the look we are wanting to create. We love to imagine our bride in her dress next to her beautiful partner sitting at their custom bridal table amongst the stunning flowers, chandeliers and candlelight. 

From there, we set aside the beautiful collection and pieces that truly reflect their personality and her gown. We utterly obsess over the couple's first look of the room, capturing the stunning train of the bride's gown as they walk towards the world we have created for them. It is definitely the finale where you can see everything that has come together to celebrate the couple's unconditional love for each other.  


Stephanie: What bit of advice would you give to a bride who is in the process of conceptualizing her dress and event design?

Sheree: I would definitely say start with creating a mood board or pinterest folder of everything that you love and are attracted to. This way you can visually conceptualise what tones, designs and colour pallets you are drawn to. Then it is utterly important that you find the right designer to bring these dreams and visions to a reality. Us designers are extremely visual, so we always love it when brides come to us with lots and lots of pictures. Honestly, the more the better. It is truly so crucial that you completely and utterly trust your designer. When designers have free creative reign, true magic always happens. A wedding gown truly sets the tone for the design and atmosphere that you and your guests will be amongst. So, it is so important that you feel beautiful in your gown and that it truly reflects everything you have ever dreamed of. That is why couture gowns are always our favourites because you can see the bride in all of the intricate details. 

We completely understand that picking a dress and dreaming up a wedding can be a really overwhelming time for many brides but please breathe and dream away. You will never get a moment like this again in your life to wear, let's be honest, the most expensive and beautiful gown. It is all about the romance and that moment when your partner sees you for the first time in that impeccable gown. An utterly memorable moment that will stay in your hearts forever. 


*Sally wears an our exclusive Sant Elia Perla Robe for the morning of her wedding

We wish to thank Sheree of She Designs for her incredibly complementary and kind words. To be held in such high regard by fellow industry professionals is the greatest form of honor and we could not be any luckier to collaborate with such an amazing event designer and florist. 

We also wish to thank our bride and muse, Sally for giving Sant Elia the opportunity to create this exclusive couture piece using our exclusive Italian made lace. We wish Sally and her husband Rohil a life together that is just as, if not more, beautiful than their wedding day.


Reception Look: @santelia_sydney
Event Design and Styling: @she_design
Photography: @larahotzphotography
Bridal Robe: @s.ebysantelia
Event Planner: @eventolog
Hair & Makeup: @fareha_bridal_studio
Accessories: @tillythomaslux

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