A Family Affair

A Family Affair

For Founder and Creative Director, Stephanie Caltabiano, the Atelier in Sydney’s inner-west suburb Petersham, holds a special place in her creative heart. 

When asked to reflect on the Atelier, Stephanie notes that the space is not only intended to  welcome brides, their families and friends in the generic sense, but to evoke a true sense of comfortability and trust as the bride engages in the experience of bringing her bridal vision to life. 

The space houses two flagship brands, Sant Elia & S.E by Sant Elia, and is also home to the team of artisans who bring each collection and piece to life. 

Over the years, the group of artisans has evolved and has most recently grown with their newest recruit Rome, Stephanie's son. 

Rome, affectionately known as Romey, has become the Atelier project manager and distractor spending most of his in-office day inspiring the teams creative vision as he paints one off artworks - some of which can be found in the space. 

During his time at the Atelier, Rome has also learnt the ropes of artisanal artistry and traditional applique techniques. 

Rome also oversees the quality management of each collection prior to their launch, ensuring that each seam and pleat is executed just right. 

When asked about his time at the Atelier, Rome says he mostly enjoys the time he gets to spend with his Mumma - a response also reiterated by Stephanie who perfectly balances the life of a full time mother and independent business owner. 

Coming from a long line of vivacious women, Stephanie is able to manage her two titles, via the values of hard work, perseverance and family. These values were instilled in Stephanie by her Grandmother, a skilled dressmaker and mother of four from old world Italy. Find out more about Stephanie's motivation to become a fashion designer and how Sant Elia came to be here. 

Recently featured on the Boss in Heels podcast, Stephanie discusses the interplay of prioritising your time when it comes to juggling a business and family as well as the organic progression of the Sant Elia brand, all of which started in Stephanies Grandmother’s workroom. To listen, click here




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